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Feeding at night

Point 4 of the Seven Point Plan for supporting breastfeeding in community health-care settings requires that mothers be given information and support to help them to cope with night-time feeds. Staff therefore need to be guided to have a discussion about strategies which will make night-time feeds easier such as learning to feed lying down, keeping their baby close and issues related to bed-sharing, taking into account the individual circumstances of the family.

Click here to read Point 4 of the Implementation Guidance.

In hospital it is recommended that a bed-sharing policy be in place to ensure the safety of mother and baby.

In order to ensure mothers receive effective care the following should be standard practice within the Trust:

  • The policy guides staff about the help required by mothers
  • The training programme covers coping with night feeds and bed-sharing issues
  • A postnatal checklist is in place
  • All written materials for mothers are accurate and effective.

When is this care assessed?

This will be assessed at Stage 1 by review of:

And at Stage 2 by:

  • Interviewing a cohort of staff and asking them questions about basic breastfeeding management
  • Reviewing training records.

And at Stage 3 by:

  • Interviewing a cohort of breastfeeding mothers to ensure they have received an explanation about how to cope with night-time feeds 
  • Reviewing all written information to ensure it is accurate and effective.

 For more details refer to the Implementation Guidance.