The 2014 Baby Friendly Initiative Annual Conference

The 2014 conference marked 20 years of Baby Friendly in the UK. Thank you all for making this such a special event. 

An audio montage (approx 25 minutes) is available to listen to and download: it features highlights from all of our 2014 conference talks.

The following presentations are now available:

Sue Ashmore, Programme Director, Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative: Update and overview

Anne Woods, Deputy Programme Director, Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative: Implementing the revised standards (presented by Sue Ashmore)

Sue Cooper, Infant Feeding Coordinator, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals: Setting up a rapid access clinic

Laurel Wilson, Author and Executive Director, CAPPA Lactation Programme: Epigenetics and breastfeeding: The potential long term impact of breastmilk

Helen Ball, Head of Anthropology, Durham University: Keeping babies close for sleep: an issue of health and safety

Helen Beecher Bryant, Head of Operations, Maternity Action: Returning to work

See this video of the end of Day 2, with footage of the surprise thank you to Director of Baby Friendly Sue Ashmore



Visit our dedicated page for more information on our neonatal conference, which takes place 19th May 2015, in London.

For any enquiries related to bookings or questions around the event please contact  

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