This section lists the most common questions asked of the Baby Friendly Initiative. If you have a question that isn't covered here, please email

  • Baby breastfeeding at home UNICEF/Gaby Jeffs 2012

    Breastfeeding FAQ Breastfeeding challenges, skin-to-skin, drugs and breastmilk and support for breastfeeding. 

  • World Health Organization World Health Organization

    Code FAQs Questions include practicing within the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes, providing infant formula in hospitals and meeting with formula industry representatives. 

  • Stage 1 UNICEF UK/Jill Jennings 2006

    Antenatal FAQs Questions on antenatal care, including information to give in the antenatal period and conducting conversations with pregnant women. 

  • Training UNICEF UK/Jill Jennings 2006

    Training FAQs Questions on who should attend training, use of the workbook and practical skills reviews. 

  • Baby in pink hood UNICEF UK/Gaby Jeffs/2012

    Bottle-feeding FAQs Questions about bottle feeding and related Baby Friendly standards. 

  • Baby Friendly Logo UNICEF UK 2010

    Other FAQs Questions on research, schools, complaints and more.