Lecturers from accredited universities were asked to identify the key benefits of Baby Friendly accreditation. Some of their comments are below.

"Its a good marketing tool - something you can show off about to prospective students and to the Trusts."

"Its makes the course more attractive to students."

"It leads to greater employability for students – Trusts like employing staff they don’t have to train again."

"Trusts value Baby Friendly accreditation and they understand what it means."

"It ensures that agreed standards are met."

“Its good for the lecturers as it supports their personal development in teaching infant feeding”

“It makes it easier for the lecturers to ensure that the students are fit for practice”

"Help us to build better working relationships with Trusts."

"Enables better input hours for breastfeeding."

"Our students are much more confident when discussing and teaching breastfeeding."

"Its helped increase the profile for breastfeeding across the university."

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