The UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative has developed new courses to support the future implementation of the revised Baby Friendly standards on breastfeeding and relationship building.

Each course addresses the specific learning and development needs required by different groups of staff.

Maternity staff

The course for maternity staff explores how to support a good start to breastfeeding and encourage the development of a strong mother-baby relationship from pregnancy onwards. The course will also examine the reasons why so many women stop breastfeeding in the early days and weeks after birth in an effort to reduce this drop off. Responding to a baby’s needs for food, comfort and love regardless of feeding method is key to ensuring all babies have the best possible start. Effective communication strategies will be also explored to ensure a more mother-centred approach to care.

Quotes from participants

"Very useful to look at elements from a different angle with the focus on relationship/nurturing alongside feeding"

"Liked the attention paid to the nurturing and ‘normal’ baby behaviours"

"Very informative and interactive sessions"

"It renewed my enthusiasm in supporting women and babies with breastfeeding and making changes. Thank you"

"I think that this course would be great for all midwives"

In-house courses

This is the most economical way of accessing these courses. Training is provided on the organisation's own premises for up to 16 staff. The 2014 price is £5,600.

Some organisations send all their staff on the course, while others choose to hold the course jointly with a neighbouring facility or hold it for several within the region. To discuss booking the course for your staff, please call the Baby Friendly Initiative on 020 7375 6052 or e-mail us at

Open courses

These are open to anyone and are held at central locations (see  online booking or the booking form for the latest details). An individual place costs £410 (2014price). 

You can check availability and book a place on an open course through our online booking system or by using our open course booking form.

Full open course listings including dates, venue, and exact availability can be found here. New open courses are listed here as soon as they are available for booking.


Please note that our services are usually booked up several months in advance and your first preferred date may not always be available.