A study of 33 mothers and their 4-week-old babies has concluded that breastfeeding mothers get more sleep when they co-sleep with their babies.

Breastfeeding mothers slept more than bottle-feeding mothers when co-sleeping with their babies.

Bottle-feeding mothers' sleep was unaffected by where their baby slept.

Breastfed newborns had less total sleep per day than bottle-fed newborns while their breastfeeding mothers had more sleep periods in 24 hours than bottle-feeding mothers.

The authors call for the development of methods or devices that allow breastfeeding mothers and newborns to sleep next to each other in complete safety.

Quillin SI and Glenn LL (2004). Interaction between feeding method and co-sleeping on maternal-newborn sleep. J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs 33:580-8.