• Neonatal cup feed breastmilk UNICEF UK/Jill Jennings 2006

    Checklist for assessment of breastmilk expression This checklist is designed for use as part of a formal review of hand expressing to ensure mothers are expressing effectively and to address any issues or concerns mothers may have.

  • Stage 1 UNICEF UK/Jill Jennings 2006

    New guidance for antenatal and postnatal conversations We now have available a range of signature sheets and accompanying conversations guidance, designed to support staff who are talking to mothers about feeding and caring for their baby both in pregnancy and in the postnatal period. 

  • Baby Friendly Logo UNICEF UK 2010

    Practical skills review forms Practical skills reviews help to ensure that training is being used properly by staff. 

  • Baby Friendly Logo UNICEF UK 2010

    Breastfeeding assessment tools These tools use several common signs to assess whether a baby is breastfeeding well and safely, in the early and later post-natal periods. There is also a breastfeeding checklist for mothers.