• Simple formula guide for parents Unicef UK

    Guide for parents who formula feed This simple, concise guide provides formula-feeding parents with a quick overview on how to choose your infant formula, and tips on how to bottle feed responsively, so as to build up a close and loving relationship with your baby.

  • Mum holding her baby on the neonatal unit Unicef UK / Mead

    You and your baby: Supporting love and nurture on the neonatal unit Our new leaflet, You and your baby: supporting love and care on the neonatal unit, covers a wide range of issues and provides a useful tool to help conversations with parents on the neonatal unit. 

  • Welcome to breastfeed here poster UNICEF UK/Jill Jennings

    Welcome to breastfeed here posters This poster is available for download and printing, and can be displayed in a public setting 

  • Mythbuster poster UNICEF UK

    Myth buster posters This set consists of four A2 size posters that dispel popular myths around Baby Friendly messages. Price: £15 + VAT = £18 per set of four A2 posters (price include P&P within the UK).  

  • Stage 3 UNICEF UK/Jill Jennings 2009

    Building a happy baby We now know that building a loving relationship with your new baby will give her the best possible start in life, and will help her grow up happy and confident. This leaflet offers advice and information on getting to know your baby and setting up the foundations for that strong relationship.  

  • Caring for your baby at night UNICEF UK 2011

    Caring for your baby at night This leaflet, endorsed by the CPHVA, RCM and The Lullaby Trust, is designed to offer helpful, practical advice on coping at night. 

  • Multiple Births Foundation Multiple Births Foundation

    Feeding twins, triplets and more (MBF) Feeding twins, triplets and more is a booklet providing information and advice for mothers and health professionals. 

  • Breastfeeding Network logo Breastfeeding Network

    Expressing and storing breastmilk (BfN) A leaflet on expressing and storing breastmilk from the Breastfeeding Network. 

  • Baby Friendly Logo UNICEF UK 2010

    UNICEF leaflets in braille Pennine Acute NHS Hospitals Trust has co-ordinated the conversion of UNICEF leaflets into braille.  

  • Breastfeeding at study or work Department of Health 2011

    Breastfeeding at study or work You don’t need to stop breastfeeding just because you’re returning to study or work. Many women find ways to continue breastfeeding their baby - and employers have certain obligations towards breastfeeding women.