What is the Liberia Initiative?

The Liberia Initiative is Unicef UK's commitment to tackling the root causes of malnutrition in Liberia. Together, we aim to reach every child under five in Liberia over five years, transforming the whole country. This initiative is supported by our President, Kirsty Young, and our Vice Presidents.

Why invest in Liberia?

Liberia has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world. Our ground-breaking initiative will be tackling this by working to end child malnutrition in Liberia, using a model that can be replicated elsewhere. 

Watch this film to find out why you should invest in the Liberia Initaitve and help make child malnutrition a thing of the past.


Benefits of joining the Liberia Initiative

  • Join a ground-breaking movement determined to change the future of an entire country
  • Be invited to exclusive events with Unicef UK’s President and Vice Presidents
  • Be given the opportunity to visit the programme in Liberia (depending on level of investment)
  • Pool your investment with that of Unicef UK's President and Vice Presidents and other philanthropists, and achieve greater impact for children
  • Receive regular updates and reports from the field

Get in touch

If you are interested in the Liberia Initiative or looking to make a big donation we would love to hear from you. You can contact us at philanthropy@unicef.org.uk and a member of our Philanthropy Team will be in touch.