In rural Ethiopia, 20 million children are living without safe water or adequate sanitation. It is shocking that each year poor water, sanitation and hygiene kills over 17,000 children under five in Ethiopia alone, and exposes many more to illness. It can also hinder children’s educational progress as many are put off attending school because of unsanitary and undignified conditions. 

Providing communities, schools and health posts with a safe water supply and sanitation facilities is vital if we are to reduce the risk of life-threatening water-borne diseases, and increase school attendance and retention rates.

What UNICEF is doing

To prevent more children dying from unsafe water we aim to support the construction of 50 cost effective and sustainable water points, bringing clean water to 25,000 people. We will also use donations to provide 20 rural schools and health posts with sustainable water and sanitation facilities, benefitting at least 6,500 school children and 5,000 families.

Help us achieve this goal

A donation of £8,140 could provide a package of essential water and sanitation initiatives to one school, including drinking water points, toilets for boys and girls, hand-washing facilities and hygiene education.

To find out more about this project or to raise donations to support it, please email us or call the Trusts and Foundations Team on 020 7375 6103.

Support UNICEF with grants and donations. © UNICEF Ethiopia/Indrias Getachew/2005
Your donation can help UNICEF to provide clean water and sanitation facilities to children like boy washing his face at a UNICEF-supported hand pump.© UNICEF Ethiopia/Indrias Getachew/2005