Across Uganda, only 44% of girls complete basic education.In the marginalised areas of the north such as Karamoja – one of the poorest and hardest to reach parts of Uganda – the situation is even more dramatic. Here, it is estimated that over 50 per cent of school-age girls have never accessed education.

Play, physical education and sport can play an important role in promoting healthy child development and reach and educate children who are not part of the formal education system. 

What UNICEF is doing

In the conflict-affected Northern and Karamoja districts of Uganda, UNICEF is using sport to improve children's primary completion rates, and particularly to include those currently most excluded.

When part a school curriculum with proper instruction, sport has been shown to increase children's school attendance and their desire to succeed academically. 

Sport can also be used to encourage child-centred and participatory learning, and to teach life skills.

Help us achieve this goal

We're committed to ensuring that all children’s rights to play and to an education are realised.

A donation of £21,400 could help develop teaching and learning materials to be piloted with children in 11 target districts, before being distributed to all government primary schools across Uganda. 

To find out more about this project or to raise donations to support it, please email us at or call the Trusts and Foundations Team on 0207 375 6103.

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Your donation can help transform children's lives through sport, like Achia Mary who now plays netball at her primary school in Uganda. © UNICEF/Uganda