Schools with inadequate water and sanitation facilities usually have the poorest attendance records and highest dropout rates. In Tanzania, 89 percent of schools do not have handwashing facilities.

Providing water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in schools is a cost-effective intervention that can significantly reduce hygiene-related diseases, increase student attendance and learning achievements, and contribute to dignity and gender equality.

What UNICEF is doing

This project aims to provide 25 rural schools with safe drinking water points, separate latrines for boys and girls and handwashing facilities to benefit at least 25,000 primary school children. Hygiene education will also encourage children to act as agents of change and promote improved hygiene practises at home and in their wider community.

Help us achieve this goal

Having safe water, sanitation and hygiene in schools helps children realise their full potential and prepares them for healthy lives as adults, able to share this legacy when they become parents.

A donation of £17,690 could provide a school with latrines including separate girl’s hygiene units, facilities for children with disabilities and a teacher's unit.

To find out more about this project or to support it, please email us or call the Trusts and Foundations Team on 020 7375 6103.