When an emergency strikes, it's a race against the clock to reach the children who need our help. Sadly in conflicts and emergencies like typhoons and other natural disasters, it's children who are most vulnerable, so it's important we get there fast. With both your help and donations, we can.

Fundraise for our Children of Syria Appeal

Seven million children have now been affected by the conflict in Syria. Many have lost everything - family, friends and homes. Children have been killed, orphaned or suffered life-changing injuries. 

Winter storms are hitting the region, and Syria's children desperately need warm clothes and blankets to protect them from the cold and from deadly diseases like pneumonia.

Now as the conflict approaches its fourth year, an entire generation of children is in grave danger. Unless we act, they may be lost forever with profound long-term consequences for Syria, the region and beyond.

You can find out more about what we're doing to help and how you can help with donations on the main Children of Syria Emergency Appeal page.

How to fundraise for an emergency

  1. See our fundraising ideas for inspiration and plan your fundraising event for one our our emergency donation appeals.
  2. Email fundraisinghelp@unicef.org.uk or call 0300 330 5580 to order your Emergency Fundraising Pack, or download it above.
  3. Tell us about your emergency fundraising so we can support you: fill in our event form, type @Unicef UK in your Facebook posts (you'll need to 'like' us first), type +Unicef UK in your Google+ posts or type @Unicef_UK on Twitter.
  4. You can order fundraising materials such as balloons, t-shirts and sponsorship forms to help your fundraising.
  5. Set up a Unicef UK online fundraising page. It makes collecting funds and donations easy and more money goes straight to our work, as we don't pay commission on donations raised through this site.
  6. Promote your fundraising using local media and social media channels. 
  7. Sign up to our fundraising newsletter.
  8. Check health and safety, and legal issues.
  9. Send in your money and donations once you've finished all your fantastic emergency fundraising.

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