Although Unicef is a non-religious, apolitical organisation, faith-based organisations are important partners in Unicef’s work and fundraising and donation efforts.

Unicef is supported entirely by your donations, and there are lots of ways your faith group can fundraise donations for us so that together we can help make a lasting difference for children worldwide.

How you can help - Fundraising and donations

Unicef works with many faiths across the world, and our supporters come from a wide range of faiths too. No matter what faith you are, your congregation or faith group can make a valuable contribution to our work:

Church fundraising

Join hundreds of churches fundraising for donations to support our work with children. You could:

  • collect spare coins in an empty jar for our annual Jar of Grace Appeal. Your small change donations can make a big change.
  • give small donations regularly as a congregation to the Mite Scheme for churches, an Oral Rehydration Therapy scheme.

Your next steps to fundraising success

Need more help fundraising?

Fundraise for an Emergency Appeal

During an emergency every donation is critical to a charity. You can fundraise for an Emergency Appeal, so when an emergency strikes we’re ready to work towards reaching every child.