Fundraising for Unicef at university through a Unicef On Campus Society is fun and rewarding. Fundraising also a great way to meet new people, raise donations, enhance your CV and encourage team building.

Unicef is supported entirely by your donations so together we can making a difference to the lives of children all over the world.

Join a Unicef On Campus Society

Search the Unicef On Campus Society List to see if your university has a Unicef On Campus society for fundraisers, then email your regional coordinator to find out about joining.

Set up a Unicef On Campus Society

If there isn’t a society at your university you can set up your own. You'll receive regular communications about Unicef's work and campaigns, and get support from your On Campus Regional Coordinator, experienced Unicef fundraisers and campaigners. You can also attend fundraiser events and training days.

  1. Register your On Campus society by filling out the registration pack at the start of every academic year and send it to (please note that you will first need to save the registration pack to your computer before being able to fill it out).
  2. Register your society with your Student Union.
  3. Recruit enthusiastic and like-minded volunteers using Facebook, Twitter or university media to raise donations for Unicef

On Campus Welcome Pack 

Our On Campus Welcome Pack has everything you need to get your society up and running, including your On Campus Handbook, fundraising materials and Unicef logo.

Your next steps to fundraising success

Need more help fundraising?

Fundraise for an Emergency Appeal

During an emergency every donation is critical. You can fundraise for an Emergency Appeal, so when an emergency strikes we have the donations ready to work towards reaching every child.

Fundraisers at university © Kristie Thacker/2013
UNICEF On Campus Society fundraising members at a Poverty Banquet.© Kristie Thacker/2013

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