There are lots of ways your voluntary organisation can get involved with our work and fundraise for donations.

Unicef is supported entirely by voluntary donations and recieves no funding from the UN budget. This means that fundraising from voluntary organisation is vital to continue our work for children aroung the world.  Together, we can help make a lasting difference for children worldwide.

Become an affiliated partner organisation

We are always looking for new organisations to become affiliated with, so if you would like more information email or phone us on 0300 330 5580.

Our current affiliations

Unicef has built relationships with many professional community organisations who support our work in numerous ways - including fundraising and grant donations. Unicef currently works with the following community organisations: 

If you are part of one of these organisations and would like to find out how your group could fundraise for Unicef, please email or phone us on 0300 330 5580.

Your next steps to fundraising success

Need more help with fundraising?

Fundraise in an emergency

The Children's Emergency Fund enables us to respond to emergencies as they arise, with aid usually arriving within 48 hours. During an emergency every donation is critical. To help fundraise for donations in an emergency you can:

Fundraise with your voluntary organisation © Ruby Smith/2012
These volunteers raise money for our work for children. Your voluntary organisation can too by fundraising and making donations.© Ruby Smith/2012