UNICEF has built extremely good relationships with many organisations who support our work in a number of ways such as fundraising, raising awareness of the work that we do and adding their voices to our campaigns.

We are always looking for new businesses and organisations to become affiliated with, so if you would like more information on corporate donating or supporting UNICEF, please email: supportercare@unicef.org.uk or phone us on 0844 801 2414.

  • Business donations help our work at UNICEF. © UNICEF UK

    Corporate partnerships UNICEF is supported entirely by voluntary contributions and the donations from our corporate partners makes a significant contribution to our work.

  • Donations from Trusts and Foundations. © UNICEF

    Trusts and foundations Find out how you can donate to UNICEF and make a grant through your charitable trust or foundation. Whatever the size of your organisation, you can make a positive impact on children's lives with your donation.  

  • Charity donation – Schools can support UNICEF and help protect the rights of children. © UNICEF UK

    Schools There are lots of ways that your school can get involved with UNICEF and help us protect the rights of children. Take part in Day for Change, hold a fundraising event or make us your charity of the year. Whatever you choose to do, with you donate your time or your money, we are here to help you every step of the way.  

  • Donations from Voluntary Organisations support UNICEF's charity work. © Gillian Macnair

    Voluntary organisations UNICEF has built extremely good relationships with many professional community and voluntary organisations who support our work in numerous ways and help build our donator base. For example, Soroptimists have raised funds for our Unite for Children, UNITE against AIDS campaign and Inner Wheel have supported maternal neonatal tetanus vaccinations.  

  • Donations and support from Universities and students. © UNICEF UK

    Universities Are you a student? Would you like to help UNICEF put it right for children around the world, improve your skills and make new friends? Whether you're interested in donating money or donating your time, read on…  

  • Faith-based organisations are important partners in UNICEF’s work. © UNICEF

    Faith groups Although UNICEF is a non-religious, apolitical organisation, faith-based organisations are important partners in UNICEF’s work in the UK and around the world providing donations and support. Religious leaders enjoy close and regular contact with communities, their voice is highly respected and they can be vital in influencing change.