Strategic corporate partnerships and collaborative relationships with businesses are critical for Unicef to deliver results for children and to realise their rights.

For several years we've been the leading children’s agency focusing on these charity corporate partnerships. 

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Leading the way in Corporate Social Responsibility

In April 2011, we were the first children’s organisation to create a dedicated CSR team, based at our headquarters in Geneva. Their aim is to explore and develop partnerships that go beyond donations and philanthropy. They work with the corporate sector to expand Unicef’s corporate engagement in order to achieve greater results for children. 

Read about our UK partnerships with Barclays and M&S.  

Children's Rights and Business Principles

Unicef, the UN Global Compact and Save the Children have worked closely with businesses, children, civil society and other stakeholders to develop the first comprehensive set of principles to help companies respect and support children’s rights in the workplace, marketplace, and community.

Based on existing standards, initiatives and best practices related to business and children, the Children’s Rights and Business Principles aim to define the scope of corporate responsibility towards children.

They empower children’s rights advocates within the business community to make the case that children are a legitimate, mainstream business concern.

The principles are proactive, while emphasising the importance of doing no harm. They also promote positive action, which can help create value for children, communities and businesses alike.

These principles demonstrate how companies can respect and support children’s rights in the workplace, the marketplace, the community and the environment. 

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For more information on Children's Rights and Business Principles, call us on 0300 330 5580 or email

Charity corporate partners and corporate social responsibility. © Unicef/NYHQ2008-1775/Giacomo Pirozzi
In Guinea-Bissau, a girl stands in her home in Cansate Village, near Bissau, the capital. Children’s rights are an essential investment in our sustainable future.© Unicef/NYHQ2008-1775/Giacomo Pirozzi

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