Children in developing countries are among those hardest hit by climate change. Yet they are the least responsible for the problem. Flooding, drought and other extreme weather events damage schools, homes, crops and water sources, leaving children without education, shelter, food or clean water.

We can't turn back the clock and reverse the damage already done by our carbon emissions, but we raise donations to enable the most affected children and communities to cope better with the changing climate. And your business can join us.

Our climate adaptation projects give children the tools and knowledge to survive and thrive in increasingly difficult environments. In the long term, this could help reduce the need for aid, the risk of conflict and ultimately migration.

As a business, you can make a positive difference to the lives of children. You can raise donations to support our work in one of five crucial areas: water, food, disaster preparedness, health or education. Or you can let us choose which area your donation goes to.

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Corporate donations for children affected by climate change. © Unicef/NYHQ1997-0735/Radhika Chalasani
Two boys pause while searching for food for their family. They lost their house, in the southern Somalia village of Gob Weyne, to flooding. Find out more about how your corporate donations can help children affected by climate change.© Unicef/NYHQ1997-0735/Radhika Chalasani