Day for Change is back and it's better than ever

Day for Change is Unicef UK’s annual fundraising campaign for Unicef’s work to keep children safe around the world. 

This year it's for everyone and we've got a challenge for you. 

The challenge is to collect as much loose change as you can from January to May - from around the house, down the sofa, your pockets - and anywhere else you can think of!

The big change drop-off day will be on Friday 13th May.

Who is it for?

Anyone can take part in Day for Change, including schools, churches, sports groups, employees, friends and families. 

What will I recieve to help me take part?

Everyone taking part will recieve a welcome pack including:

  • How to guide - this will also be available online to download 
  • Collecting-jar sticker 
  • Promotional poster 
  • Totaliser poster
  • Paying in slip

Schools will have access to online resources to teach pupils about other children's lives around the world and how collecting change will help keep them safe. 

Where will my change go?

All the change you collect will go directly to our Children's Emergency Fund to save and protect children caught up in emergencies around the world.

Children are the hardest hit in emergencies. When conflict or disaster strikes, they are put in terrible danger. Many lose their homes, their schools, even their lives. By donating your change today you can help to keep more children safe around the world.

  • £8 can supply high-energy food for a malnourished child for one week
  • £26 can pay for a winter kit for a child, including a hat, scarf, gloves, thermal wear, winter boots, underwear and a baby quilt. 
  • £100 can provide support for three children who have suffered the distress of war.

How can I register & get my welcome pack? 

Schools can register online now! In the New Year, schools will be able to access online teaching resources and be sent their welcome pack.

Everyone else will be able to register online from January 2016 onwards - please keep checking back! Once you register you will receive your welcome pack in the post. 

For more information please email 

Nepal - Back to School

Thank you so much to all the schools who helped raise a phenonenal £250,000 for Unicef's work on the ground in Nepal. Read about how this has helped get children back to school here.

How else can my school work with Unicef to protect and promote children’s rights?

In addition to fundraising, there are other ways you can work with us to support the realisation of children’s rights everywhere: