UNICEF would like to congratulate Hanna Viegas for her outstanding contribution to the UNICEF/Barclays Building Young Futures project in India, which works to improve the lives of 70,000 girls and young women.

Hanna won the Individual Achievement of the Year category at the recent Barclays Chairman Awards for her work teaching young women the skills needed to enter the world of work and generate incomes for themselves and their families.

She has provided counselling to build self-esteem, and training in enterprise skills, financial literacy, leadership, and health and hygiene awareness.

Launched in 2008, the Building Young Futures partnership between UNICEF and Barclays works to ensure that young people in 13 countries have the chance of a brighter economic future.

To date, the partnership has reached close to 500,000 young people, with over a third gaining important vocational or business management skills. The project is currently working with young people in Kenya, Egypt, India, Botswana, Zambia, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil and the UK.

This year the Barclays awards received 480 nominations from 30 countries. View a short film about Viegas's work and the other finalists.

Hanna Viegas received the 2011 Barclays Individual Chairman Award (Asia Pacific). © Barclays
Hanna Viegas received the 2011 Barclays Individual Chairman Award (Asia Pacific).© Barclays