25 October 2012

According to a BBC report Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, has announced that child-related benefits for families may be capped at two children.

In response, UNICEF UK has issued the following statement:

"As a human-rights organisation, UNICEF supports universal coverage: all people should be covered by appropriate and effective social protection mechanisms.

"Expansion of social protection coverage, including for children, is critical given the current limited coverage globally. A universal approach also has the potential to reduce exclusion errors, create social solidarity and reduce the stigma associated with some targeting methods.

"At the same time, UNICEF recognises the challenges inherent in providing universal coverage, given resource and capacity constraints and the state of development of social protection systems in individual countries.

"With this in mind, it advocates for progressive realisation, supporting countries in identifying and building the most appropriate approach or mix of interventions and financing options that will enhance social and economic policy objectives, ensure protection of the most vulnerable, and be more conducive to the ultimate goal of universal coverage."

Girls playing on the street in Leeds, UK. © Photofusion
Girls playing on the street in Leeds, UK.© Photofusion

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