5 September 2012

It's good that UK child poverty is in the news again today. This is a serious issue that affects the lives and futures of millions of children in the UK. 

In May this year UNICEF published a report showing how Government efforts to end child poverty by 2020 had been successful in reducing child poverty and preventing some of the most vulnerable children from becoming deprived.

It also warned that government cuts meant things were going to get worse for children here. Today's news shows this is happening.

The promise to end UK child poverty by 2020 was one of the biggest promises ever made to children in the UK. The Government has promised new energy after the re-shuffle. Ending child poverty should be top of their list. 

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Rose looks through the back window of her house © UNICEF UK/2010/Caroline Irby
Rose looks through the back window of her house. Her mother wants to take on part-time work to support her family but local child care is too expensive.© UNICEF UK/2010/Caroline Irby

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