14 June 2012

UNICEF UK campaigners Joanna Bracken, Ruby Smith and Rachel Hall met with Nick Clegg yesterday to hand over our 5,800-strong petition ahead of his departure for the Rio Earth Summit in Brazil.

The Summit runs from 20-22 June and is all about the future of the people and our planet. World leaders will talk about things like how to prevent hunger crises to how to prepare better for the impacts of disasters like floods and droughts.

UNICEF UK wants our government to play a key role in ensuring children are at the forefront of these discussions.

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The Deputy Prime Minister acknowledged the importance of children, saying: "It’s unfair of us to gorge today and leave those in the future to suffer the consequences."

After talking to Nick Clegg, our campaigner Joanna said: "I’d love to be able to tell my children that the UK Government's role in decisions made at Rio was shaped by the voices of young people."

Our Speak Up campaign has been supported by Ewan McGregor, Keeley Hawes, Keira Knightley, Simon Reeve and Rio Ferdinand.

And it's not too late to join them.

Sign our petition and speak up for children.

Follow @unicef_uk for updates from Rio next week.

Speak Up Petition Hand-In © UNICEF UK/2012/Alice Bottini Hall
Left to right: Young UNICEF UK Campaigners Rachel, Jo and Ruby hand in the Speak Up for Children petition to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on Wednesday.© UNICEF UK/2012/Alice Bottini Hall

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