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The response to climate change will profoundly affect the quality of life of future generations of children, yet this intergenerational aspect has yet to be placed at the heart of climate change discussions. This briefing shows how a child rights approach to climate change would take the concerns of intergenerational justice into account and radically transform the policies and commitments of those in power.

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) In Focus series 'Children in a Changing Climate: Lessons from research and practice' summarises some of the critical issues and areas of action for children in a changing climate.

The series draws on research and experience of the Children in a Changing Climate coalition and provides new insights into children's right to climate-adaptation support and right to participate in decisions and actions which affect their future. It demonstrates children's capacity to participate in decision-making and take adaptive action on climate change. Children's involvement in this process is crucial to ensuring fair and equitable adaptation policy and programming.

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Published: 23 November 2009