International Inspiration is London 2012's international legacy programme, in part by supported by UNICEF UK.

International Inspiration enriches the lives of young people around the world through physical education, sport and play.

This report details some highlights from countries currently involved in the International Inspiration programme. Some of our key achievements so far include:

  • 12 million children and young people have actively participated in sport, physical education and play as a direct result of International Inspiration - many for the first time in their lives.
  • More than 124,000 teachers, coaches and Young Leaders have been trained to lead sport, physical education and play in their schools and communities, learning new skills.
  • 287 schools in the UK are now sharing innovative ideas and best practice in PE and sport with their counterparts.
International Inspiration is London 2012’s international legacy programme. Itis enriching the lives of young people around the worldthrough physical education (PE), sport and play. © UNICEF 2012

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Published: 11 January 2013