After the severe devastation caused by Super Cyclone Pam, Unicef is advising that Vanuatu will require extensive support to meet urgent needs in water, sanitation and hygiene, including the provision of water containers, purification tablets, soap, and temporary sanitation facilities.  

264,000 people were in the disaster zone when the category 5 cyclone hit on 13th March, and continued over the islands throughout Saturday 14th. 

It is estimated that at least half the population of Vanuatu (132,000) have been affected, of which at least 54,000 are children. 

Unicef is on the ground and responding with emergency supplies and personnel. The next few days will be critical as the scale of this emergency unfolds, but so far we know:

• Safe water supply and distribution has been destroyed for many. This rapidly increases the risk of water-borne diseases. Unicef will supply water kits, water purification tablets, and support for water distribution including for evacuation centres in affected provinces.

• Medical supplies - early estimates suggest that a large number of people have been injured so Unicef will be shipping in medical supplies such as health kits.

• Measles is already present in Vanuatu and any breakdown of sanitation or health systems can be deadly. Unicef is deploying temporary clinics to ensure immunisations continue and health services resume.

• Schools are being used as evacuation centres, so Unicef will need to support children's education, including providing school in a box kits. Children will need protecting with child friendly spaces in evacuation centres.         


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