What is the Children's Emergency Fund?

When a humanitarian emergency happens, it's a race against the clock to raise donations and reach the children who need our help. 

Whether it's a typhoon, earthquake or a civil war, UNICEF needs to respond urgently to protect children in danger. If you donate to our Children's Emergency Fund, we can use those donations to help the situation as soon as possible.

Support UNICEF's work by donating to the Children's Emergency Fund

How does my donation help children?

Your donations help UNICEF provide life-saving supplies such as health kits, food and shelter to populations in need. We focus on the needs of children in times of disaster, whether this is for child protection, clothing or education, and work to meet their needs rapidly.

We also use donations in the Children's Emergency Fund to help what we call "silent emergencies".

Some emergencies receive less media attention than others, perhaps because they have been going on for a long time, or because they're happening in a place that's remote and unfamiliar. But wherever there are children in distress, no matter how hard to reach, it's imperative that UNICEF get there to help them as quickly as we can.

Make a donation to the Children's Emergency Fund

Make a donation to UNICEF's Children's Emergency Fund © UNICEF/Ramoneda/2010
UNICEF strives to help every child in an emergency, no matter how hard to reach. This photo shows a child in Haiti receiving emergency therapeutic food after the earthquake in 2010. Work like this is supported by our donator base.© UNICEF/Ramoneda/2010