In September, Eddie Izzard travelled to Kenya with UNICEF UK to film a documentary about the children's emergency in East Africa. The show, Eddie Izzard - Didn't We Fix Famine? was broadcast on ITV1 on Thursday 20 October.

While he was on the trip, Eddie recorded this exclusive video diary for us. Below the video, read Eddie's tweets from the field and find out more about UNICEF's work in East Africa.


Click on the Twitter icons to read Eddie's tweets, or on the UNICEF logos to find out more about our work in East Africa.


Met some kids now really happy to get over the border @UNICEF_UK #famine Driving through Kenya now with UNICEF. Just downloaded a Swahili app. Jambo means hello You may not know it but the are camels in Kenya & Somalia. This guy walking past us shows how little water there is around at this time #UNICEF #famine

Drilling for water. It's down there but we have to dig 200 meters. But that can serve up to approx 700 families @UNICEF_UK #famine Just to show you that your money helps - a water truck filling a water station just so people can drink to survive @UNICEF_UK #famine £5 (or $7.76) donation to #unicef helps buy this life-saving peanut paste to treat a malnourished child for one week!