DLA Piper and Unicef have been working together for many years but in 2013 we entered a ground breaking new phase with the establishment of a global partnership aimed at strengthening the protection of children around the world and specifically child justice.

Through the course of the partnership, DLA Piper has pledged to raise $1.5 million through corporate donations and employee fundraising and to provide vital pro bono assistance to the estimated value of $5 million.

Transforming lives in Bangladesh

The core focus of the partnership is supporting our Justice for Children programme in Bangladesh which is working to ensure that children coming into contact with the law as victims, witnesses and offenders benefit from a child friendly justice system that has better standards of care and treatment.  With more than 65 million children in Bangladesh the scale of the challenge is enormous and with DLA Piper’s vital support we are working to put legal, social and organisational frameworks that will better protect children.

Through DLA Piper’s pro bono legal support they are also contributing to Unicef’s global child protection work such as vital research into Birth Registration and Inheritance Rights as well essential legal advice to Unicef UK and other Unicef offices globally.

As a result of DLA Piper’s dedication across their firm globally we are able are able to make a huge and lasting difference in children’s lives and ensure they have access to the opportunities they deserve.

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