Check Out for Children is an alliance between Unicef and Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia–Pacific.

It's one of our longest standing and most successful partnerships. Check Out for Children is simple and effective. Guests at Starwood Hotels are invited to add US$1 (or the equivalent in local currency) to their bill upon check out, as a donation to Unicef.

Since the partnership launched in 1995 guests and associates at participating Starwood hotels have raised over US$30 million for Unicef, directly helping over 1.5 million children.

Opening doors to opportunity through education

Since September 2011, Starwood have been helping Unicef ensure that children across Europe, Africa, and the Middle Wast have access to quality education.

Donations from Starwood guests will go towards interventions such as building and improving schools, training teachers, supplying school equipment and campaigning to ensure children stay in school.

Why the focus on education? Simple: it's every child's human right to be able to go to school. Without it, a child’s development can be stunted by poor health, malnutrition and a lack of opportunity. With it, a child has a better chance of breaking the cycle of poverty and being able to pursue a life of opportunity.

Employee fundraising: Road to Awareness

Through the partnership, Starwood employees can get involved in fundraising for other Unicef projects. Since 2008, Road to Awareness donations received through the hard work and enthusiasm of Starwood employees, have yielded a phenomenal $3.2 million, funding projects in many different countries.

Make a Green Choice

An exciting new initiative for our partnership is the ‘Make a Green Choice’ programme, which seeks to reduce the impact of climate change on children. Every year, up to 175 million children are likely to be affected by natural disasters brought about by climate change. The most vulnerable children often bear the brunt of these disasters because of poor infrastructure and a lack of resources. If we do not act now to help children get climate ready, we could see an increase in child deaths, childhood diseases and a loss of homes, families, schools and communities.

In selected properties, guests at Starwood Hotels & Resorts can ‘Make a Green Choice’. For every night a guest declines housekeeping services, participating hotels will save over 500 cups of water and in return, provide guests the opportunity to have a US$5 or US$2.50 donation made on their behalf to support Unicef climate change projects.

Together, Unicef and Starwood Hotels and Resorts can help children to adapt to the life-threatening effects of climate change.

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Keycard for guests of Starwood Hotels and Resorts. In Africa, Europe and the Middle East, guests are invited to add $1 or local currency equivalent to their bill upon check out. Funds support education projects across these regions. © Starwood
Crossing the finish line ©Starwood 2012
Even Frydenberg (Senior Vice President of Operations) and Guido de Wilde (Senior Vice President, Regional Director Middle East) arrive in Monte Carlo on the fifth anniversary of Road to Awareness, August 2012©Starwood 2012