The Co-operative Pharmacy, the third largest pharmacy chain in the UK, have partnered with Unicef to support a sanitation project in Togo. Throughout the first three years of the partnership, thousands of toilets have been built to help improve the health of children and their families.

The Co-operative Pharmacy have recently committed to extend their support by a further two years aiming to raise £700,000 to support our sanitation work in country. The aim is to contribute to reducing disease by supporting communities and schools to build toilets and hand washing facilities.
In September 2011, colleagues from The Co-operative Pharmacy visited some of the projects in Togo to saw first hand the difference their support is making. They were also party to awareness raising sessions held in different villages to see how we encourage communities to understand the importance of sanitation.

John Nuttall, MD, The Co-operative Pharmacy: “At The Co-operative Pharmacy, our social goals are at the heart of everything we do. Our investments in community are a fundamental part of what we do and by supporting Unicef, we know we will be making real change in Togo to help reduce disease. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Unicef”. 

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Community-led sanitation project in Togo © UNICEF Togo
The Co-operative Pharmacy supported community sanitation project in Togo.© UNICEF Togo