Visa Europe employees chose UNICEF as their charity partner in 2010 and subsequently voted to continue the partnership through to 2013. The money raised through this partnership supported UNICEF’s “Helping Invisible Children” Project in Romania which looks to support the most vulnerable and marginalised families and children by providing community based services. The programme ensures children are properly registered and have identification papers in place, without which they can’t access other social services such as health care or education. 

Hundreds of Visa Europe employees from across the company’s 12 European offices contributed hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to UNICEF. A phenomenal £1,041,806.45 has been raised through this partnership so far. 

Fiona Wilkinson, SVP Corporate Communications, Visa Europe: "Our campaign for UNICEF owes its success to the dedication of our people. From our apprentices to our CEO; in the UK and across Europe; and in every division, our people have embraced the cause. People have run, sung, baked, cycled, quizzed, raffled, auctioned, taken duvet days and even worn their Christmas jumpers to work - all in aid of UNICEF. Knowing that our individual contributions collectively can help UNICEF make a major difference is what motivates us all."

For 2014, Visa Europe will continue fundraising for UNICEF, hoping to raise even more funds to their current total.

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