Keeping children safe with vaccines

Vaccines keep children safe by protecting them against disease. Almost a third of deaths among children under 5 are preventable by vaccine.

For families who live in remote or isolated communities, getting a child immunised can also give mothers and children access to other life-saving care, such as nutritional screening, anti-malarial mosquito nets and vitamin supplements. Immunisation is one of the most successful and cost-effective public health investments we can make for future generations.

Watch one mum’s dramatic journey to get her baby vaccinated in Sierra Leone:


More children immunised than ever before

Vaccines now keep more children safe than ever before. Yet in 2012, nearly one in five infants - that's 22.6 million children – still missed out on the basic vaccines they need to stay healthy. The poorest, most vulnerable children who need immunisation the most are still the least likely to get it.

Unicef’s immunisation work

Unicef has saved and changed more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organisation. We provide vaccines to immunise one in three of the world’s children against preventable diseases, and with our partners support immunisation programmes in over 100 countries to keep children safe. 

Since 1980, Unicef has helped quadruple immunisation rates for children worldwide, saving up to 3 million children’s lives a year. We’re only able to do all this because of your support. Your donation today could help vaccinate a child

In emergencies like conflict or a natural disaster, we deliver vaccination campaigns to help protect vulnerable children from preventable diseases when health services are down. Last year, in humanitarian emergencies alone, your donations helped vaccinate 16 million children against measles, and supplied 13 million people with safe water to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.Today 4 out of 5 children are immunised – that's more children protected than ever before, but there is still more work to be done.

Help keep a child safe

Just £3 is enough to vaccinate a child against measles, polio, tetanus, TB, diphtheria and whooping cough. Donate today and you could help protect a child from these deadly diseases once and for all.

You can read more about our immunisation work on our blog.

Nha from Vietnam has just been vaccinated against measles,  a disease that kills more than 145,700 children worldwide every year.  Photo: Unicef UK
Nha from Vietnam has just been vaccinated against measles, a disease that kills more than 145,700 children worldwide every year.Photo: Unicef UK