Getting a letter published in your local newspaper can be a great way to build local support for a campaign and to influence your MP.

Tips on writing for your local newspaper

  • Email your letter to the address listed in the local paper. Send your letter soon after the last edition has hit the newsagents' shelves.
  • Keep your letter short. Readers are more likely to read something concise and to the point.
  • Highlight the local angle – mention if you have recently met your MP or if you are planning to, and refer to other local people or groups where possible.
  • Make it personal - explain why you care about the issue. 
  • Your MP's office will follow the local news to keep up-to-date on local issues. Make sure your letter states what you want your MP to do.

Don’t forget online 

Media is changing. Most areas have local bloggers, who can be just as influential as local newspapers and often have relationships with local MPs. They may be interested in covering your campaign. There are also lots of ways that you can use social media to campaign online. 

Top Tip

To find local bloggers in your area, try typing in your area/town or city into If you’re on twitter you can also search using the hashtag of the area, town or city in which you live.

Become a children's champion. ©UNICEF UK/2012/A.Bottini-Hall
UNICEF UK campaigners talk about the Speak Up for Children campaign with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.©UNICEF UK/2012/A.Bottini-Hall