UK Government policies can have a massive impact on children’s rights both here and around the world. 

Your MP can:

  • Champion your concerns with the relevant government minister, in person or by letter.
  • Ask a Parliamentary Question (PQ) that can draw attention to a campaign or help UNICEF UK find out information: for instance, what is the UK Government’s official stance. 
  • Vote on a piece of legislation that may be relevant to a campaign.
  • Help shape party policy. 

Research your MP 

Use to find your MP. Click on the name to see their contact information, biography and election results. 

You can also use to find out a bit more about their activities and voting record in Parliament.

Tips for contacting your MP

Focus on getting the campaign message across and explaining exactly what you would like them to do. Present a personal case – explain why you care about children’s rights and why it affects you.

Meeting your MP in person will have the most impact. All MPs have surgeries which are times for their constituents to come and talk to them. If you can’t arrange a meeting, write a personal letter or email. 

Children's Champions meet with their MP Rushanara Ali.  ©UNICEF UK/2012
Three Bethnal Green Children's Champions meet with Rushanara Ali MP.©UNICEF UK/2012