Easy fundraising with FAST 24

Do you think you could go for 24 hours without food? Take the challenge and help keep children safe from hunger.

Every 24 hours, over 5,500 children across the world die as a result of malnutrition. It shouldn’t be like this. So let’s get together and use 24 hours of our time to change a child’s life.

All you need to do is get together with friends, family or colleagues and challenge yourselves by not eating for 24 hours, while raising money to keep children safe from hunger. 

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There are no specific rules on how to fill in your 24-hour programme, it’s up to you. You can organise entertainment, educational talks, or a movie screening to attract more people to join your group and raise more funds.

Don’t forget to set up a JustGiving page so you can get sponsored by family members, friends, and co-workers. You can link your page to your group's Team FAST 24 page and track how much money you are collectively raising to bring malnourished children back to health.

Just £23 will provide a severely malnourished child with a month's supply of food. 

How do I join FAST 24?

Step 1. Register

Register now by filling out the registration form. Then set up your online fundraising page to help you raise donations.

Step 2. Recruit your friends

Make sure you invite your contacts to the charity challenge, the more the merrier. It's easier to do as part of a group, so see if you can get any of your friends or family to sign up too.

Step 3. Get fundraising

Be sure to tell everyone about your online sponsorship page to drive donations and to give a child the food they need to survive, ensuring that they don’t go hungry again.

Ready for the challenge? Join us now!

If you would like to know more about FAST 24, us via email fundraisinghelp@unicef.org.uk or via telephone on 0300 330 5580.


“Fast 24” may not be suitable for everyone, especially children, the elderly, pregnant or breast feeding women or anyone suffering from a pre-existing medical condition.

Those with a pre-existing medical condition or who are taking medication should consult their doctor before taking part in the activity.

If you feel unwell during your fast, please discontinue your fast and seek medical advice.