Before you begin the biddings and raising money in your fundraising auction for Unicef, you’ll need to decide what type of charity auction you’d like to organise and find your auction items. Most importantly, you’re going to need to source a tiny hammer, charity auctions are incomplete without one!

Choose your items

The better your prizes are the more people will bid in your charity auctions. Approach local shops, travel agents, sports clubs, hotels, restaurants and your work and see if they are able to donate exciting prizes. Ask friends and family to donate items to auction.

Choose your charity auction 

Traditional charity auction

Go old school. Start the bidding low, and let your bidders battle it out with the highest bid taking home the item.

Dutch fundraising auctions

This is exactly the same as a traditional auction but instead of starting the bidding with a low price you go high! Slowly decrease the price of the item until someone matches it.

Silent charity auction

Attach auction item and bidders write their name and bid on the list. Bidders can therefore see what the highest bid is and make a higher offer.

Online fundraising auction

You can massively increase the number of potential bidders by taking your fundraising online.  Bids are made in a traditional way however bidding all takes place on the web. Ebay for Charity is a great site to auction your items.

Spread the word

Finally, you need to let people know when and where they will be able to bid for your fantastic items!  Check out our how to guide (PDF) on how to promote your event online and boost your fundraising. 

Need more help?