Raffles are just the ticket for raising funds for Unicef. Follow our top tips to ensure you’re on to a winner.


The better your raffle prizes are, the more tickets you will sell and the more you are likely to fundraise. You may have to call in a few favours and go on the charm offensive. Approach local shops, travel agents, sports clubs, hotels, restaurants and your work, explain your fundraising idea and see if they are able to donate exciting prizes.

Raffle tickets

When setting a price for your raffle tickets, think about who you will be selling them to and how much they would be willing to purchase a ticket for. Make it clear that you’re organising a charity raffle and that proceeds will help keep children.

Selling your tickets

It’s important to reach as many people as possible with your tickets.Sports groups, schools, the office, churches and supermarkets are all great places to sell your tickets and boost your fundraising. It’s important to get contact detail for everyone who buys a ticket; you’ll need to let them know if they are a lucky winner.

Make it a Unicef raffle

Let your friends and family know that you are raising money for Unicef to help keep children safe by ordering your fundraising materials today.  It’s really important that your event is compliant with fundraising regulations too.

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