Download fundraising resources

Here are materials you'll need to boost your fundraising. 

  • Sponsorship form (PDF): If you plan on raising donations in cash, you'll need to download this form to collect your sponsorship. If your donors and supporters pay UK tax, make sure to tick the Gift Aid column and fill in their details so the Government can give Unicef UK 25p for every £1 they donate. This way their donations can go even further. 
  • Sending in your donation form (PDF): Follow the step-by-step instructions on this form when you're ready to send in your donation.

  • Fundraising pack (PDF): Find out how to make the most of your fundraising and how your support makes a difference.


Our 'About Unicef' leaflet (PDF) is packed with information to help your supporters learn about Unicef's work and show them how their donations and sponsorship money make a difference. 

You can also find more in-depth information sheets and booklets on Unicef’s work in our publications section.

Our logo

Unfortunately our supporters cannot use the Unicef UK or Unicef logo in any form or on any publicity materials. However, as a fundraiser, you have use of our ‘in aid of Unicef’ logo to help promote your event or challenge. To receive a copy, please email

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