By far the easiest way to fundraise for children in danger is to set up an online fundraising page. You can customise it with photos and updates, tell everyone you know and watch your donation total rise! Our preferred online platform is

Follow these eight simple steps for success:

1. Go to JustGiving and set up your page

2. Email all your friends, family and colleagues with the link to your page. Include examples of how fundraising makes a lasting difference to children.

3. Target your most generous supporters first as people tend to donate amounts based on what others have already given.

4. Post the link to your online fundraising page on social media, and include the link to your online fundraising page on your email signature if you use one.

5. Publicise your fundraising page details on intranets, workplace/community newsletters or notice boards.

6. Update your online fundraising page with progress and resend to your contacts.

7. Personalise the thank you email and ask your supporters to spread the word about your fundraiser to their friends and family.

8. After the event, update your page with photos and your result, and remind people they can still donate. 

If you need any help with your page, check out JustGiving's help section.

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