The money you donate to our Glasgow 2014 #PutChildrenFirst appeal will help Unicef save and change children’s lives across the Commonwealth.

Your support could:

  • Protect a child from poverty, disease and exploitation
  • Provide life-saving food and vaccines to help a child grow up healthy and safe
  • Give a child the chance to take part in sport for the first time.

In Bangladesh, where floods happen regularly, many young children drown because they can't swim. Now, with support from Unicef, children in flood-prone areas can take survival swimming lessons to improve their confidence in water and help them understand its dangers.

You can make a donation online and help save and change children's lives

What your donation could buy

£5 could provide life-saving food for a child for a week.

£30 could protect 30 children against six deadly diseases including polio and measles.

£50 could provide enough mosquito nets to protect 13 families from malaria, which kills a child in Africa every 30 seconds.

£100 could provide a year’s worth of safe drinking water for over 130 children.

Make a donation - help save and change children's lives around the Commonwealth