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Fourth-year student Ali Abdoulaye Cissé (12) at the ‘Bahadou 2’ school in Timbuctu. Ali holds up his blackboard on which he wrote: “I work well in class and like my teacher; I don’t talk during class and don’t like lazy students”. Credit: © UNICEF/PFPG2013P-0028/Dicko £25 could provide 1,470 pencils for a school.
Ghazele is 10 years old. She fled with her mother, father, sister and two brothers from the fighting in Syria. Thanks to UNICEF she is able to go to school in Lebanon Credit: © UNICEF/UKLA2013-01522/Pigott £50 could provide 156 exercise books for a school.
Children aged 4–5 years colour in a classroom at Veracruz Cavanis Autonomous Nursery School in Santa Cruz, capital of Santa Cruz Department. Credit: © UNICEF/NYHQ2012-2029/Friedman-Rudovsky £75 could buy exercise books for 180 children and pencils for a whole school.
A boy paints a model ship during an art class, part of the Belvedere Community Foundation’s after-school programme, in Philipsburg, the capital. Credit: © UNICEF/NYHQ2011-1985/LeMoyne

In 2014, Day for Change is all about education. Going to school gives children the chance of a brighter future. But about 68 million children around the world still don't have access to education.

UNICEF is working to change this. We want every child to have the opportunity to go to school.

You can support our work by making a donation here or by signing your school up to take part in Day for Change 2014. For more information visit www.unicef.org.uk/dayforchange.