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Rehydrating Salts Credit: © UNICEF £77 could provide life-saving salts to rehydrate 250 children in an emergencies like the earthquake in Nepal.
Emergency water kit Credit: © UNICEF £55 could provide emergency water kits for 5 families following the devastating Nepal earthquake.
The water plant which Unicef helped recover after the tsunami serves a whole community in Indonesia Credit: © UNICEF/UNI180619/Achmadi £19 could provide 5,000 water purification tablets so children and families affected by the Nepal earthquake have clean, safe water.
Girls sit outdoors in impoverished Biraltoli Village in Achham District, Nepal Credit: © UNICEF/NYHQ2012-1996/Noorani

Millions of children are in danger. Please donate to our Nepal Earthquake Appeal and help save children's lives.

Two major earthquakes, on 25 April and 12 May, left more than 8,600 people dead and over 22,000 injured. There have been 75 aftershocks and around 3,000 landslides. The aftershocks and the second quake caused widespread fear and panic in the capital Kathmandu, where at least half a million Nepalese lost their homes and are living in makeshift camps. These events have further traumatised the people of Nepal and presented greater challenges to humanitarian aid operations.

More than three-quarters of the buildings in Kathmandu are classifed as unsafe, Over 760,000 houses have been destroyed, 1000 public health facilities have been damaged and 30,000 classrooms destroyed or damaged beyond use. Road travel continues to be threatened by landslides and unstable buildings

The window of opportunity to reach all affected children, including in the remote, mountainous areas, is narrowing as the monsoon season is due in mid June. The arrival of the monsoon also increases the likelihood of further landslides. Unicef is developing a contingency plan to reach children in the earthquake-affected and landslide-prone areas during the monsoon.

“We are looking forward – but we cannot ignore the desperate situation that still face so many children across the country. So many young lives have been torn apart and children are still in desperate need of life-saving support, including clean water, health services, nutrition and counselling.”

Karin Hulshof, UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia

An estimated 70,000 children under the age of five urgently need life-saving food to prevent malnutrition. During the monsoon season, children are  at heightened risk of disease and infection. The Ministry of Health and Population has stated that earthquake-affected districts are at an increasing risk of disease epidemics as 74 per cent of water is unsuitable for drinking.

Unicef has over 200 staff working in Kathmandu and the surrounding area, delivering clean water and other lkife-saving supplies to children and families n danger, However almost all of the hospitatls in the affected districts have been destroyed and many of the affected people are in remote areas. 

A donation of £55 is enough to provide emergency water kits to 5 families in Nepal.

Half of Nepal's population are children, so please donate today and help save children's lives. 

Funds raised for this appeal will support children affected by the earthquake in Nepal. If the funds raised exceed Unicef's funding requirements for this appeal the money will go to Unicef UK's Children's Emergency Fund.

To make a donation on the phone, please call our 24-hour donation line on 0800 158 3695  quoting Ref: 5H157001