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£2,500 could provide over 600 blankets to keep Syrian children warm this winter. Credit: © UNICEF £2,500 could provide over 600 blankets to keep Syrian children warm this winter.
Syrian refugee children draw during an art class. Credit: © UNICEF/NYHQ2012-0197/GIACOMO PIROZZI £1,000 could provide learning materials to support the education of 100 children for one year.
2 year old Amina washes her hands in a camp for Syrian refugees in Iraq Credit: © UNICEF/NYHQ2012-0879/Salam Abdulmunem £250 could provide vital water kits for more than 20 families to enable them to access safe water.
A young Syrian girl gets water from a tap in Iraq. Credit: © UNICEF/UKLA2013-02458/Lovell

Together we can keep Syria's children safe and warm.

After more than 3 years of conflict, more Syrian children than ever before need our help. As temperatures drop this winter, over 7 million Syrian children are in danger. Many have lost everything - family, friends and homes. Children have been killed, orphaned and suffered life-changing injuries. 

Unicef will not stop until every child is safe. We're working around the clock in Syria and the surrounding countries to give children who've suffered so much crucial and life-saving supplies such as warm clothes, clean water, medicine and psychological support.

But there is much more to do. With no end in sight for this conflict, the future for Syria’s children is uncertain. Together, we can help keep them safe and warm. A gift from you would enable us to reach even more children. 

Please donate now. Every donation you make to help Syrian children in danger will be matched pound for pound by the UK Government. 

If funds raised exceed Unicef's funding requirements for this appeal, your gift will go to our Children's Emergency Fund. For the first 12 months monthly donations made to this appeal will go to children affected by the Syrian conflict. After that they will go wherever the need is greatest.