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The 2014 annual Baby Friendly Initiative conference marked 20 years of Baby Friendly in the UK.

This was a cause for celebration and most importantly recognition of the remarkable achievements of health services during this time, and their work in implementing Baby Friendly standards to deliver the best possible care for mothers and babies in support of breastfeeding and loving relationships.

We asked our conference delegates who had achieved full accreditation, to have their photo taken with the year of the award, to mark their anniversaries as well as Baby Friendly’s 20 year legacy.

Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust achieved full accreditation in 2014. Amanda Wagg, Infant Feeding Lead, said “The barriers are hard to see now that we are accredited as we are so pleased. Achieving each stage step by step and moving forward has to be the biggest achievement. The Trust and all health visitor colleagues have all had great faith and commitment to baby friendly.”

Amanda also spoke about the challenges that they overcame to achieve full accreditation. “The biggest challenge has been the large geographical area covered and ensuring a good consistent practice across the county,” she said. “Providing information to mothers is hard when budgets are short and there always seems to be some new tool or guide available. Keeping motivation and enthusiasm at a consistent level is also very tiring but worth every second.”

To submit your award story, please email us at, with the following information: unit name, date of accreditation, details of the biggest challenge you faced and your proudest moment in your accreditation journey, along with a photo. We would love to hear from you!