Celebrating Sheffield’s Baby Friendly award

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The 2014 annual Baby Friendly Initiative conference marked 20 years of Baby Friendly in the UK.

This was a cause for celebration and most importantly recognition of the remarkable achievements of health services during this time, and their work in implementing Baby Friendly standards to deliver the best possible care for mothers and babies in support of breastfeeding and loving relationships.

We asked our conference delegates who had achieved full accreditation, to have their photo taken with the year of the award, to mark their anniversaries as well as Baby Friendly’s 20 year legacy.

Sheffield achieved full accreditation in 2012. Nawal El Amrani, Infant Feeding Coordinator, said, “Working towards the implementation of the Baby Friendly standards in Children’s Centres was challenging initially, first to engage managers to encourage staff to come to the training. This was hard as at the time (2009) no standards were available and we had to adapt the community standards to this context. Also training non clinical staff was a bit challenging as we needed to change the culture at some points. Late training show that non clinical staff are really clued up now and this is due to the fact that breastfeeding as a culture in Children’s Centres is more present.

Our proudest moment in the whole process was achieving full accreditation! And also realising that staff in children’s centres are so knowledgeable about breastfeeding and support for women in general!”