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Supporting health professionals during Covid-19

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This collection of guidance sheets is designed to help health professionals provide remote care and support parents to overcome challenges.

Delivering Baby Friendly services during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak can be very difficult. However, babies, their mothers and families deserve the very best care we can provide. These guidance sheets are intended to support health professionals to provide remote care and cover the following topics:

  • 1. Planning a virtual conversation
  • 2. Antenatal conversations
  • 3. Postnatal conversations
  • 4. Supporting parents with a baby on the neonatal unit

The collection also includes a selection of sheets on supporting parents to overcome the following challenges:

  • 5a. Engorgement and mastitis
  • 5b. Sore, cracked and bleeding nipples
  • 5c. Concerns about milk supply
  • 5d. Concerns about weight
  • 5e. Baby sleepy/not interested in feeding
  • 5f. Tongue-tie

Guidance is also provided on planning in-house Baby Friendly training:

  • 6. Planning in-house Baby Friendly training

Guidance sheets on planning conversations:

Guidance sheets on supporting parents to overcome challenges:

Guidance sheet on planning in-house Baby Friendly training:

For additional guidance and resources for health professionals during the pandemic, see our coronavirus (Covid-19) page.


Support for health professionals during Covid-19

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