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As part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of Unicef UK’s Baby Friendly Initiative, we gathered stories, photos and quotes from health professionals at the annual Baby Friendly conference in Newcastle last November.

The results are testament to all the hard work put in by so many health professionals across the UK to improve care around feeding and nurturing for babies and their families.

The University of Bolton achieved full accreditation in 2011 for their BSc (Hons) in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing. They were re-accredited in 2014. Ruth Hefferman, Programme Leader at the university said, “The biggest barrier faced when we went for re-accreditation was ensuring that all of our stakeholders remained engaged with our aspirations. We had absolutely no barriers when it came to the students. They were a delight and they made the process pleasurable.

Ruth also spoke about the health professionals they worked with as part of the accreditation process and said, “I am so proud of the health visiting students. I am also so proud of the infant feeding leads who support the students.”