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This page shows our latest statistics of progress with Baby Friendly accreditation across the UK.

For statistics on breastfeeding rates in the UK, please consult the Breastfeeding rates in the UK.

2017 awards

To date in 2017 we have awarded:

  • 19 Certificates of Commitment
  • 21 Stage 1 accreditations
  • 18 Stage 2 accreditations
  • 19 full accreditations and 68 re-accreditations
  • 2 all-new GOLD AWARDS!

Overall engagement

There are currently 91% of maternity services and 87% of health visiting services working towards Baby Friendly accreditation. In Universities there are 71% of Midwifery programmes and 20% of Health Visiting programmes working towards the award.

Overall full accreditations

In the UK the percentage of services with full Baby Friendly accreditation are:

  • 60% of maternity services
  • 63% of health visiting services
  • Universities: 46% of Midwifery courses; 13% Health visiting courses
  • We are delighted to announce that 12 children’s centres and one neonatal unit have recently achieved full, independent accreditation.

Births taking place in fully accredited hospitals

  • England 57%
  • Scotland 100%
  • Northern Ireland 100%
  • Wales 79%

Page last updated: October 2017.
This page is updated quarterly; for any further details or queries please email the Baby Friendly office.